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A Closer Look CEO to Speak at Prestigious BPO Outsourcers Event in Glasgow, Scotland

Sharing insights from his 30+ years of experience, A Closer Look CEO Chris Gillen will deliver a keynote about the Key Customer Experience Trends for Outsourcers to Watch. A Closer Look, leading provider of customer experience data and insights, is excited to announce that its CEO, Chris Gillen, will speak at the highly anticipated CxOutsourcers Mindshare Event in Glasgow, Scotland. The conference will take place on May 30-31 at the Merchants House of Glasgow, Scotland.


A Closer Look Wins Bronze Stevie® Award for Customer Ambassador Program with Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

A Closer Look Wins Bronze Stevie® Award for Customer Ambassador Program with Goodwill Industries of Kentucky Customer service fanatics, A Closer Look, were recently awarded a Bronze Stevie Award for their exceptional launch of the Customer Ambassador Program with Goodwill Industries of Kentucky. A Closer Look, long-standing customer experience fanatics, were recently honored with a …

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Six Ways Mystery Shopping Is Reinventing Seasonal Gig Work

Six Ways Mystery Shopping Is Reinventing Seasonal Gig Work

This holiday season, there is one thing on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, it’s not Santa. For many people, it’s money. This is a challenging year for a lot of people. Not just physically and mentally but also economically. The unemployment rate is at 7.9 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meaning a lot of people are still looking for ways to generate extra cash. It does not help that Glassdoor reports that, “Seasonal and retail job openings are each down 8 percent year-over-year, a sign that the pandemic is muting hiring demand as customers and businesses alike adjust holiday plans.” As customers and businesses pivot, it is best to reinvent your seasonal gig work too. Luckily, mystery shopping is your solution to keep your holidays jolly while generating cash flow.

Four Ways to Attract the Holiday Shopper with Confidence in COVID Compliance

Four Ways to Attract the Holiday Shopper with Confidence in COVID Compliance

After a trying year, consumers are looking forward to the comfort of the holiday season. However, this holiday season will be different. The consumer is not looking for the typical holiday experience. The consumer is spending their holiday budget in a more meaningful way than ever before. According to CNBC, the holiday shopper is, “…directing more of their dollars toward retailers that share similar values during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey by Accenture.” The Accenture study also revealed that 61% of the 1,500 people surveyed said, “they are more likely to make purchases at companies that show they’re committed to health, safety and hygiene.” With health and safety in mind, discover four simple ways your business can build confidence with your customers, and have a successful holiday season.

Young woman shopping at the mall during the pandemic of coronavirus and using cellphone

Mystery Shopping, the Original Side-Hustle You’ve Always Wanted to Try

Are you looking for ways to generate flexible income? A side-hustle where you can make your own schedule? Plus, you might even receive a free meal, hotel stay, or experience. You’ve probably heard of mystery shopping before but might not be clear on its purpose. Or you might just have some confusion on where to start. There are many benefits to becoming a Mystery Shopper with A Closer Look. Better yet, we offer a solution to get you started on becoming a mystery shopper today. And yes, this is legitimate. A Closer Look will never ask you to pay us for mystery shopping (huge red flag). A Closer Look is a leader in the industry with a proven track record. Read on to discover the truth behind mystery shopping and the many benefits you will enjoy as a mystery shopper.


How to WOW Your Customers with Curbside Pick-up

What makes for perfect curbside service? A customer pulls into the parking lot. Frantically, they scan for any indication of their order. Instant relief, a sign for “Curbside Pickup”. They call a clearly displayed phone number. A courteous employee answers promptly to confirm the order. Finally, a masked employee waves with their order in hand. Success.

Portrait of a smling African-American male nursing employee wearing gray scrubs and face mask interacts with a senior aged patient during the Covid-19 pandemic, Midwest, USA

Virtual Visits: Bridging the Gap Between Customers and Senior Living Facilities

If one thing is certain, COVID-19 has a way of negatively impacting our most vulnerable populations. And there is no doubt, the most vulnerable population during the coronavirus pandemic are people over the age of 65. This is not only due to increased age, but also “underlying health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So, how do we protect our most vulnerable population?

Asian women wearing protective mask standing in cafe during covid-19 preventing.

How COVID-19 Permanently Changed Restaurant Service Standards

To date, there is no connection between the intake of food and the contraction of the coronavirus. So that means the restaurant industry has remained the same, right? Wrong. As we know, the customer is not only buying food from a restaurant. They are buying an experience. So how do restaurants survive in a time when person to person contact should be limited and experiential dining is the norm? The answer is to adapt. The food service industry has changed. Have you been watching?