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Transforming the Customer Feedback Process: Keep Customer Complaints Off Social Media

Customers are the center of every business. To build and maintain customer loyalty, open lines of communication and constant engagement are needed. Amid evolving customer expectations and trends, knowing customers’ needs plays a critical role in creating returning customers and attracting new prospects. Listening to and incorporating their suggestions into the business will show them that their opinions are valued – increasing loyalty and boosting repeat business.

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How Much is Customer Feedback Worth to You?

When you’re running a business, it’s common to be cost-conscious about many things like marketing, supplies, or everyday expenses. Unfortunately, some companies don’t realize how much money they’re wasting by not having a real strategy in place for customer service, feedback, and engagement. These areas go hand-in-hand and can make or break a business. As you continue to grow your business, how much is customer feedback worth to you?

How to Improve The Customer Experience with SMS

How to Improve The Customer Experience with SMS

If you run or own a business, doing what you can to satisfy your customers’ needs is key to your success. Feedback is an essential resource for learning how your customers perceive your business and what changes to consider to improve the customer experience. Whether the feedback you gather is prompted or unprompted, the collected information can influence your customer experience decisions.

Four Ways to Attract the Holiday Shopper with Confidence in COVID Compliance

Four Ways to Attract the Holiday Shopper with Confidence in COVID Compliance

After a trying year, consumers are looking forward to the comfort of the holiday season. However, this holiday season will be different. The consumer is not looking for the typical holiday experience. The consumer is spending their holiday budget in a more meaningful way than ever before. According to CNBC, the holiday shopper is, “…directing more of their dollars toward retailers that share similar values during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey by Accenture.” The Accenture study also revealed that 61% of the 1,500 people surveyed said, “they are more likely to make purchases at companies that show they’re committed to health, safety and hygiene.” With health and safety in mind, discover four simple ways your business can build confidence with your customers, and have a successful holiday season.

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Mystery Shopping, the Original Side-Hustle You’ve Always Wanted to Try

Are you looking for ways to generate flexible income? A side-hustle where you can make your own schedule? Plus, you might even receive a free meal, hotel stay, or experience. You’ve probably heard of mystery shopping before but might not be clear on its purpose. Or you might just have some confusion on where to start. There are many benefits to becoming a Mystery Shopper with A Closer Look. Better yet, we offer a solution to get you started on becoming a mystery shopper today. And yes, this is legitimate. A Closer Look will never ask you to pay us for mystery shopping (huge red flag). A Closer Look is a leader in the industry with a proven track record. Read on to discover the truth behind mystery shopping and the many benefits you will enjoy as a mystery shopper.

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How COVID-19 Permanently Changed Restaurant Service Standards

To date, there is no connection between the intake of food and the contraction of the coronavirus. So that means the restaurant industry has remained the same, right? Wrong. As we know, the customer is not only buying food from a restaurant. They are buying an experience. So how do restaurants survive in a time when person to person contact should be limited and experiential dining is the norm? The answer is to adapt. The food service industry has changed. Have you been watching?