We live in a world with entertainment at our fingertips, and the best way to stand out is by providing an exceptional customer experience.

Given the number and variety of entertainment choices that customers have, it’s crucial that owners and operators within this space actively seek to impress patrons with exceptional experiences, going above and beyond expectations.

A Family enjoying a popcorn in a theatre and enjoying a movie.
Couple of friends playing bowling.

The main way we partner with entertainment clients to capture this intel is through our Mystery Shopping and Customer Ambassador Programs (CAP). These programs  are the most useful tools we employ to dive deeper into your guest experience, through active and ongoing collection of authentic customer feedback.

Explore Mystery Shopping Solutions for Entertainment

We’re confident that our mystery shopping solution takes the advantage over traditional feedback strategies in three main ways that are typically adopted by establishments in the entertainment industry:

Where traditional customer surveys fail, our mystery shops succeed. Surveys are helpful for collecting large quantities of generic data points, but lack the detailed authentic and real-time intel that mystery shops provide.


Where online reviews are often biased and predictable based on a singular interaction, our mystery shops are unbiased and objective, focusing on the overarching experience, regardless of whether a purchase is made or not.


Where internal audits miss out on the customer’s point-of-view, our mystery shops capture your operation in its natural state, ensuring that the data gathered is honest and insightful.

By partnering with us through mystery shopping or CAP, you’re investing in the future of your business, while getting to know your existing patrons and target audience on a deeper level.


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