Meet the Team

Our team of customer experience fanatics is here to take your customer engagement to the next level. Thanks to decades of experience in data analytics, technology, and customer experience operations across industries, we are uniquely positioned to not only understand the challenges that modern executives face, but also work with you to build a strategy that builds brand loyalty, maximizes profitability and drives growth.

Chris Gillen
Chris Gillen

Chief Executive Officer

Dwight Dayhoff

Chief Technology Officer

Alison Moshkelani

Vice President of Operations

Ilicia Reyes-Higgins

Director, Finance

Jennifer Reck

Director, Client Management

Lisa Kacena-Grell

National Sales Executive

Jessie Friskney
Jessie Friskney

Director of Sales and Product Development

Core Values

People First Icon
People First

We believe that the success of a company starts internally. By prioritizing the well-being of our employees, we create a team of people who strive to do great work. We are committed to listening actively and building trust through understanding, empathy and open communication.

Create Value Icon
Create Value

Value creation is at the heart of our business: we’re always striving to provide unparalleled service to clients of all levels across industries. We also “practice what we preach” internally, with a continuous commitment to finding bigger and better ways to deliver services and improve our processes.

Do the Right Thing Icon
Do the Right Thing

What you see is what you get! Integrity and honesty are the pillars on which our business stands. We operate with openness, transparency and empathy as we believe successful client-partner relationships are built on these characteristics.

Have Fun Icon
Have Fun

What’s life without a little bit of fun? We strive to create a safe work environment that not only excites our employees and clients, but also promotes safety, inclusivity, playfulness and lots of laughter.