Let’s face it: hotels are experiencing a declining market share due to the countless lodging options out there — and staying competitive is much more than a matter of simple price.
Your guests are constantly evaluating the quality of their experience, from the ease of their initial booking process to their stay and final check-out. When the competition is so fierce, any problems or missed opportunities will impact their likelihood of returning, or even recommending your hotel over competitors.
Hotel Staff is filling a form of the customer on the receptionist Desk.

The best way to gauge how well you’re creating brand loyalty is by capturing your guests’ real experiences, which can be a complicated process. Where traditional surveys, internal audits and online reviews each provide a piece of the puzzle, our Mystery Shopping and Customer Ambassador Programs provide a comprehensive, unbiased perspective of your customer experience — think of us as your second set of eyes.

What really sets us apart? It’s not the data collection (although it’s the most detailed you’ll find). The real difference lies in how our analyses drive operational performance:
Our Data Tells a Story

Each interactive report provides detailed analytics that highlight areas of success and identify high-need spaces for the hotel.

Customer Expectations Are Always Changing

We work with you to define, refine and consistently track the metrics that matter most, from key experience indicators, to safety & security, to overall satisfaction.

We Help You Create Motivation

Share your reports with General Managers to help them incentivize line-level operation employees, or use the mystery shops to rate the GM’s performance for annual awards.


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Request a complementary Mystery Shopper or CAP demo