A recent study from McKinsey shows that positive online experiences lead to 20 percent higher customer satisfaction rates and boost sales-conversion rates by up to 15 percent.
It’s undeniable that today’s consumers make a large percentage of their purchases online, yet many retailers still have fractured online experiences that lengthen the customer journey — or worse, cause them to look elsewhere.
Just as they take care to create exceptional in-person customer experiences, any business with an eCommerce presence should also strive to ensure that their guests have a positive online experience.
Woman shopping online for customer experience research.
“How,” might you ask?
By engaging a digital Mystery Shopping or Customer Ambassador Program that provides insights on a variety of categories within your online experience, including accuracy, functionality, navigation, and response time.
eCommerce evaluations provide:

Detailed intel about the experience from the unbiased perspective of your online shoppers and users. Our Customer Ambassador Program provides you with unique individual customer feedback that you can’t obtain elsewhere.


Actionable insights through recommendations from a dedicated support team help businesses better understand their current customer experience and improve upon it.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive e-commerce evaluations that drive measurable improvements for your business. 

By harnessing customer feedback and implementing data-driven insights, our clients consistently achieve outstanding results: streamlined delivery processes, reduced cart abandonment rates, enhanced brand loyalty, and increased revenue.

Our proprietary cloud-based dashboard means leadership teams have 24/7 access to actionable customer experience data in an intuitive interface to visualize performance, analyze trends and identify growth opportunities.

As customer’s expectations continually change, providing a seamless user experience and staying ahead of trends is crucial to success in today’s digital landscape.


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