How Deinfluencing is Shaping a New Era of Business, Ethics, and Customer Relations

Have you about deinfluencing? This trend is in response to the materialistic nature of influencer culture, which has significant implications for the digital landscape and businesses alike. Deinfluencers have the opportunity to foster mindful consumption, sustainability, and thoughtful choices, thus encouraging a more sustainable approach to consumption. The trend encourages influencers to discourage their followers from buying overpriced or ineffective products and continues to gain momentum due to various factors:

  • Lack of authenticity: desire for more transparent communication and authentic marketing content.
  • Social media burnout:  pressure to maintain an idealized image on digital platforms, leading to emotional exhaustion and mental health strain.
  • Shift in societal values: the need for transparency, honesty, and genuine connections, coupled with a greater consciousness about sustainability.
For businesses, the deinfluencing trend offers a chance to rethink how they can engage in an authentic and transparent way with their customer base. Rather than focusing on a transactional experience (one driven by promotions, discounts, and sales), they can begin to build a more emotive experience (one built on authenticity, trust, and open communication).
What are some steps businesses can take to respond to this shift in cosumerism?
  • Ensure your ESG strategy is authentic and transparent. Customers increasingly value businesses that contribute to positive social and environmental change.
  • Be genuine and transparent in your interactions with customers. Build trust by openly communicating your brand values, mission, and the story behind your products or services. Authenticity fosters emotional connections and long-term loyalty.
  • Regularly seek real-time feedback from customers and actively listen to their suggestions, not just their complaints. This demonstrates that you value their opinions and are committed to improving their experience.