Launch of a New Revolutionary Platform Enables Businesses to Engage with the Entire Customer Base Not Just Purchasers

A Closer Look launches the Customer Ambassador Program, empowering businesses to engage in real-time with consumers as they interact with their brand to understand better their consumer behavior

A Closer Look is excited to announce the launch of the Customer Ambassador Program, an innovative customer engagement platform that enables businesses to measure customer experience in real-time as consumers interact with their brand. The new platform allows companies to gather feedback from their entire customer base, not just those who complete purchases, and collect verified contact information for future marketing campaigns. With minimal setup and no major IT implementation, the Customer Ambassador Program keeps businesses’ customer acquisition costs low while offering immediate data that impacts operational decisions and future marketing campaigns.

The Customer Ambassador Program empowers businesses to gain actionable insight into operations beyond the reach of existing customer feedback programs. With A Closer Look’s innovative solution, companies can access unbiased insight from their total customer base, regardless of purchase, enabling businesses to build stronger consumer loyalty by listening and impacting change. “The Customer Ambassador Program helps businesses get closer to their ultimate source of truth – the customer, and not just customers who transact, but also those who browse but do not buy. Our program complements businesses’ existing customer engagement programs and helps businesses stay ahead of the changing trends in consumer behavior by collecting data from businesses’ entire customer base,” explains A Closer Look’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Gillen. “The Customer Ambassador Program is a modern solution to customer engagement that helps businesses interact with a significant portion of their buying audience, giving operational leaders the insight into necessary changes to increase customer conversion and grow revenue.” With the Customer Ambassador Program, businesses can get closer to their ultimate source of truth – their customer – and ask the right question at the right time to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience, build stronger customer loyalty, and grow the business.
The Customer Ambassador Program dashboard offers businesses the ability to instantly access customer sentiment metrics in real-time with all data displayed in aggregate as well broken down by location, date, and time. The cloud-based dashboard catalogs individual consumers’ comments and pictures to provide detailed insight into specific customers’ experiences. According to Rena Sharpe, Chief Operating Officer at Goodwill of Kentucky and early adopter of the Customer Ambassador Program, “the dashboard’s access to data and insights holds the potential to transform our operations and positively impact the customer experience.”

The Customer Ambassador Program rounds out A Closer Look’s solutions portfolio, which already encompasses Customer Engagement Solutions and Mystery Shopping Solutions. Within the Mystery Shopping group, A Closer Look offers the following solutions: mystery shopping, competitor market analysis, eCommerce evaluations, and virtual visits.

About A Closer Look
For 25+ years, A Closer Look has partnered with North American businesses, providing in-depth customer experience feedback via its services and tools. A Closer Look uses 1:1 survey tools with actual customers, as well as qualified, independently contracted evaluators to assess customer experience operations to help identify friction points that, once improved, build brand loyalty and repeat customers to drive maximum profitability.