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Mystery Shopping, the Original Side-Hustle You’ve Always Wanted to Try

Are you looking for ways to generate flexible income? A side-hustle where you can make your own schedule? Plus, you might even receive a free meal, hotel stay, or experience. You’ve probably heard of mystery shopping before but might not be clear on its purpose. Or you might just have some confusion on where to start. There are many benefits to becoming a Mystery Shopper with A Closer Look. Better yet, we offer a solution to get you started on becoming a mystery shopper today. And yes, this is legitimate. A Closer Look will never ask you to pay us for mystery shopping (huge red flag). A Closer Look is a leader in the industry with a proven track record. Read on to discover the truth behind mystery shopping and the many benefits you will enjoy as a mystery shopper.

1. A Closer Look matches mystery shoppers with businesses looking for unbiased feedback.

At A Closer Look, mystery shopping is a service used to help a wide range of businesses (not only retailers) become more aware of their own customer service and procedures. We match independently contracted mystery shoppers with clients looking for feedback. In many ways, A Closer Look’s role is as a mystery shopping matchmaker for businesses.

2. When you become a Mystery Shopper you are not only helping yourself, you are helping local businesses better serve your community.
A Closer Look seeks highly skilled independent contractors as mystery shoppers in order to collect market research for companies that want to measure the quality of sales and service, job performance, and operational compliance. When you become a mystery shopper, you’re not only helping assist the company by providing unbiased information about their business, you are also creating a better environment for your community by helping industries become better for the people they serve.
3.Mystery Shopping is a great way to create flexible income… even if you’re a millionaire.

Mystery Shopping can promote those positive altruistic feelings when we help others and our community, but it’s also beneficial for your bank account. Mystery Shopping is a fun and interesting way to make some additional cash. Even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported “the unemployment rate fell to 8.4 percent…” for August 2020, many people are still looking for ways to create flexible income during these turbulent economic times. Even Todd Baldwin, 27-year-old self-made millionaire, comments to CNBC that he currently enjoys secret shopping because it allows him to live frugally by, “saving money on food or entertainment, [and] is a relatively easy way to do so if you have a flexible schedule…” And while mystery shopping didn’t make Baldwin a millionaire, it did help him save on “…dining out, going grocery shopping, seeing movies and even visiting hotels and casinos,” which allowed him to save money and create more opportunities to invest in his future.

4. Mystery Shopping is a great way to jump start your travel fund…Or your adventurous spirit.

The extra income from Mystery Shopping can help you save on expenses that are already figured into your budget, freeing up that money for something else. Lisa Wohlers, Director of Field Support, notes that many mystery shoppers use the extra income for, “Traveling, in particular, on a budget, is a big draw for almost every mystery shopper I know.” If you are the adventurous type, you will enjoy the unique opportunity that mystery shopping offers to explore and discover new businesses. Tina O. an independent mystery shopper with A Closer Look comments, “Through my years of being an IC with ACL, I have been able to experience some high-end dining and lodging that I may have otherwise not been able to afford. I love the flexibility and ability to shop while on vacations. I have learned a lot about various industries.” Mystery shopping offers shoppers the chance to check out a wide variety of products and brands.

Many Mystery Shoppers even report returning to a business that they mystery shopped previously. According to A Closer Looks’ polling of over 2,000 independent shoppers, “84% of evaluators said they returned to the businesses they learned about through shopping for A Closer Look.” This is a win-win for you and the business in your community. Plus, it offers variety to you. One day might be shopping in a store or taking a tour. Then, that night will be grabbing curbside pick-up from a new restaurant spot. Each mystery shop is different.
5. With Mystery Shopping, you control your schedule.

Mystery shopping offers the opportunity to create your own schedule. Wayne, a mystery shopper notes that, “Working with A-Closer-Look has been a true pleasure. Communication is always prompt and professional. The editors, schedulers and support staff are always attentive and helpful.” Pick up assignments when you are available. If you need to take a break, there is no penalty. More mystery shops will be available when you’re ready to jump back in. It’s completely on your schedule and as much or little as you prefer.

6. At A Closer Look, we truly have amazing clients and independent shoppers.

Finally, A Closer Look is different than other Mystery Shopping companies. We always receive comments on how we have amazing clients. This is probably because we treat every client and mystery shopper with respect. First, we pay our shoppers in a timely manner. Second, our shopper guidelines are incredibly detailed. So, our mystery shoppers know what is expected of them during the shop. This results in reports less likely to get rejected— a better outcome for the client and the mystery shopper. Judy A. comments on her personal mystery shopping experience stating, “The quality of shopping jobs and the effective communication with and empathy for shoppers make A Closer Look an unparalleled choice for discerning mystery shoppers. If you’re looking for an entirely different mystery shopping experience, you will find it at A Closer Look.”

There are so many reasons why Mystery Shopping is a great option for someone looking to generate flexible income. It is a satisfying way to flex your observational and writing skills while getting to try out new businesses. Plus, you’ll be earning a bit of cash along the way. If you have more questions, check out our Mystery Shopping Headquarters and type your question into the chat box in the bottom right corner. And if you’re ready to get started, great! It takes less than 10 minutes and once submitted; we’ll reach out to you with the next steps.