Six Ways Mystery Shopping Is Reinventing Seasonal Gig Work

Six Ways Mystery Shopping Is Reinventing Seasonal Gig Work

This holiday season, there is one thing on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, it’s not Santa. For many people, it’s money. This is a challenging year for a lot of people. Not just physically and mentally but also economically. The unemployment rate is at 7.9 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meaning a lot of people are still looking for ways to generate extra cash. It does not help that Glassdoor reports that, “Seasonal and retail job openings are each down 8 percent year-over-year, a sign that the pandemic is muting hiring demand as customers and businesses alike adjust holiday plans.” As customers and businesses pivot, it is best to reinvent your seasonal gig work too. Luckily, mystery shopping is your solution to keep your holidays jolly while generating cash flow.

1. It’s Flexible. Make Extra Cash Without Sacrificing Family Time
With many seasonal jobs, you may get a few days off, but often your schedule gets booked up, resulting in missed memories with friends or family. With Mystery Shopping, you make your own schedule as an independent contractor. You simply accept shops from our proprietary scheduling platform when it suits your schedule. If you find yourself booked up for the week, take a few days off. It is easy to jump right back when you are ready to accept more shops. Select as few or as many available shops as you prefer meaning family time is back on schedule.
2. Save Money While Making Money

Becoming a Mystery Shopper is perfect for those looking to make a little extra cash. Every year it seems the holiday season gets more and more costly. In fact, the two months of the holiday season make up for a third of most businesses’ yearly revenue, according to the Washington Post and the Census Bureau.

So, instead of spending money on takeout on Tuesday night, pick up a local dining shop request and enjoy your meal guilt-free. You will save money and be able to use the extra cash for that special gift, seasonal festivities, or even rainy-day savings.
3. Seasonal Work Reimagined: In Fact, Mystery Shopping Doesn’t End in January
When we think of the seasonal worker, we think of back-breaking labor in the mailing room or working the retail floor during the mad-dash of gift frenzied shoppers. But this holiday season will be different, so why shouldn’t your seasonal work? Take your seasonal job off the mailroom floor by becoming an independently contracted mystery shopper.
Plus, while many seasonal workers lose their extra cash flow come the new year, mystery shopping is not just seasonal. Accept shops any time of year when they are available through our web-based proprietary platform.
4. Give Back to Your Community
When you perform mystery shops, you help businesses better themselves for their customers and their community. Mystery Shopping is a great way to give back this season. Businesses need organic and unbiased input from mystery shoppers to measure their sales and service quality, job performance, and operational compliance. A Closer Look matches the independently contracted Mystery Shoppers to these businesses to help our clients collect market research about their business. You will feel good giving back to your local businesses.
5. Build Your Influence in The Network Economy

When you mystery shop, you are simultaneously building your independent network with other businesses. When you create your influence with other brands in a network economy, you and the other business perform better. According to Forbes, when performers feel more connected, they perform better, “Small world networks are very powerful because they manage information incredibly well. In effect, they shrink distance, so connections feel very local, but also scale globally.” So, when you help out another business by providing valuable feedback, you are actually making a more significant impact than you could have ever imagined.

6. It is Fun for The Season
Mystery Shopping offers an independent contractor variety in their shops. One day you might be picking up curbside from the local sporting goods store or checking out the beverage menu at the new local hot spot. (And do not worry, most of our clients have health and hygiene as a priority for their customers.) Shopping an assortment of businesses offers the mystery shopper the chance to try various local businesses without incurring out-of-pocket expenses. Every shop is a new adventure. And who doesn’t love seeing the unique holiday flair at each new location?
Mystery Shopping is a great way to try new businesses for reimbursement and make extra cash for the holiday season. Signing up takes less than 10 minutes, and you are on your way to booking your shops. Start the new year off right by becoming a Mystery Shopper.