Exploring Concerns and Considerations in the Senior Living Landscape: A Closer Look’s Independent Research

We surveyed more than 100 establishments from a variety of industry sectors, including retail, senior living, restaurant, hotel, multi-family residential housing, self-storage, and others, and asked them to share how they believe that their health and hygiene practices would impact their customers’ decision to visit, shop and purchase in the future. We compiled the results from the survey and have specifically highlighted the results from the senior living facilities to outline the impact that health, hygiene, and sanitation procedures will have on senior and assisted living businesses as more city and state economies reopen.
At A Closer Look, we understand the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses around the world and the importance of health and hygiene as we reopen. Successful health and hygiene practices could mean the difference between successful customer loyalty and failure.
17% of all survey participants were senior or assisted living facilities

Based on our survey of senior living facilities, 100% said that proper health and hygiene practices were either critical or very important to their customers, with 78% indicating critical and 22% indicating very important. 56% of businesses were relying on the individual locations to adhere to the health and hygiene practices put in place by the company, while 44% of companies said that their locations aren’t even open to the public. More than half of participants are surveying customers about the health and hygiene procedures in place.

In a post-pandemic world as economies reopen, it’s more important than ever to not only have a defined health and hygiene strategy but also to measure the success or failure of the strategy to learn where to improve, before it ends up on social media or in a review on Google, Yelp or another platform.