How to WOW Your Customers with Curbside Pick-up

What makes for perfect curbside service? A customer pulls into the parking lot. Frantically, they scan for any indication of their order. Instant relief, a sign for “Curbside Pickup”. They call a clearly displayed phone number. A courteous employee answers promptly to confirm the order. Finally, a masked employee waves with their order in hand. Success.

Asian women wearing protective mask standing in cafe during covid-19 preventing.

How COVID-19 Permanently Changed Restaurant Service Standards

To date, there is no connection between the intake of food and the contraction of the coronavirus. So that means the restaurant industry has remained the same, right? Wrong. As we know, the customer is not only buying food from a restaurant. They are buying an experience. So how do restaurants survive in a time when person to person contact should be limited and experiential dining is the norm? The answer is to adapt. The food service industry has changed. Have you been watching?